Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Front Door Refresh

It's probably rude or something to drop off the blog world for a couple months, and then show up with a tiny post, buuuut here I am.

Our front door gets intense afternoon sun, and so it needs to be repainted every few years.  I had repainted it a slightly darker version of the original color when we first moved in, probably 4 years ago, but it was looking a little rough:

And the storm door was even worse.  The paint was faded, and the brass was looking dull and worn:

I plan to replace the front door in the future, but to perk it up a little bit in the meantime, I figured some paint and polish could do the trick.  Once I painted the front door, I kept going on the storm door, and once that was finished, I painted the back of the door too (paint addict)!  Some brass polish really helped the door hardware, but it took some major elbow grease to get it back to a nice shine!

I went a little darker in color, but still wanted a green undertone so that I didn't need to repaint the shutters and garage door which previously matched the front door.

So here we are!  Sorry for the crappy door censoring... I have my house number on the door, and just wasn't sure that i wanted to share it with the world, haha.

I really like the richness of this color (BM twilight, outdoor semigloss), and fact that it was in the same family as the previous color means that it breaks up the color on the rest of the house without looking out of place.  I also LOVE how the storm door looks.  I'm not sure that standard door paint is ideal for the door, but it was looking terrible, and this just helps it blend in nicely.  And the brass!  It looks brand new, guys.

Inside, this door was white, and showed every ding and smudge, and I was constantly trying to make it look clean.  Of course, I didn't take a before, but here's the after:

It does make the entry a little dark, but I have not noticed the dents since I painted it, so I'm calling it a win!  

It is funny how differently this color reads in the bright sun versus the inside, where it almost looks navy.

Anyway, it was a quick update, but it's a much nicer welcome home than before.

Any quick changes that you are looking to knock out before winter arrives?  The days feel so short already!

Have a great week!