Our House

On this page you can find the projects that we have completed in our house, sorted room by room.  We have the overall before and after pictures below, with links giving more detail about specific changes.

Hope this helps you to find your way around!

Starting outside:

First is the project that kicked off this blog!  I made a garden bench out of some old dining chairs:


We made the blue planters for the driveway and the gray planters for our deck.

Speaking of the deck, here is the before:

And here is the deck after 2 years of work!    

We built a dining table for the deck, and some candle holders:

I also created a potting bench, will eventually go underneath the upper deck.

This is what we started with in the front yard:

And this is where we are after removing some plants, removing the large tree, and adding a retaining wall:

Now, moving to the inside of the house:

This is the best "before" picture I have of our entryway:

And here is the "after":

We painted, added a gallery wall and "Target Hacked" a new key hook.

When we moved in, our living room looked like this:

Here was the first round of updates:

We obviously added a bit of furniture, including a coffee table we made, painted the walls (twice so far), added floating shelves, and painted the railing.

Here's the living room, version 2.0:

Read about the refresh here.

The dining room used to look like this (see the paint all ready to go?):

Here's the after:

I painted the walls in Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue, and made some picture frames out of trim.  I also replaced the light fixture by making my own pendant light with a kit and a drum shade.  I painted a hutch that sits between the kitchen and dining room, shown here:

We also upgraded the light switches in the whole house from the non-matching yellow ones.

We have made some progress on the guest bedroom by turning a sewing table into a nightstand and making a rustic headboard with reading lights.

Here's a photo of our office when we first moved in:

And here it is now (see this post and this post):

Old Bathroom:

New Bathroom (read about the overall changes, the tile and the mirror):

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