Saturday, August 30, 2014

Entryway Key Hook

If you spend much time on Pinterest or home decorating blogs, you probably know the idea of an Ikea Hack... where someone takes a relatively plain, inexpensive item from Ikea and makes a few changes to make it look great.  Well, this one is similar- a Target hack.

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was planning on adding a small shelf/key hook to our entryway.  I needed something relatively small, but wanted a place to dump keys and such things when we come in.  After browsing the Target aisles, I came across this shelf that I liked:

Only problem?  No hooks.  No worries, we can totally hack this.

What better to do on a Friday night?  So while the rest of the fam works on their favorite activities...

guitar stringing...   

 bone chewing...

I get to work on this shelf.  First, I cut a piece of fiberboard to fit in between the shelf supports.  And by I, I mean that I measured and the hubby cut... not so comfortable with the circular saw in tight spaces yet... It was originally a piece of closet shelving, which was already painted white like the shelf- easy!

Next, I used a small, square, flat bracket to join the support and new back piece.  I drilled the holes like so:

And attached the brackets, which I then forgot to photograph... oops.  You can see them in one of the pictures below.

Once everything was assembled, this is how it looked:

Not too shabby!  Next comes the hooks, which I also bought at Target.  Nothing out of the ordinary here, just decide where you want them, mark your holes and drill pilot holes according to the directions.  This is how it looked once that was finished:

Next, use a piece of painter's tape to mark the holes on the back of the shelf:

Then use your tape to figure out the placement of your shelf and check for level:

One you have the placement right, drill your holes where you marked them.  I was installing this into drywall, so I used the drywall anchors according to the package directions.  Once you have the screws in, hang the shelf:

And with that, you are finished!

Total cost for this project: $30
Total time for this project: 1 hour

And now, I can officially call that wall finished!