Friday, June 6, 2014

... and so she created a blog.

Earlier this week, I posted a project I had finished using some chairs from a local thrift store to that thrift store's Facebook page.  A few strangers kindly started asking where they could see my other projects, how I finished this one, and where my blog was.  I was flattered, laughed, showed my husband, and went back to tearing out a bookshelf in my basement.  After about 200 likes and 30 shares (pretty much viral in my little world), some little part of my brain started thinking and planning.  Isn't it funny what the suggestion of another person can do, especially someone you don't know?

My ideas are rarely original.  My husband has threatened to delete my Pinterest account, which has only been thwarted by making delicious food, which I found on Pinterest.  I tend to see something that someone else created, then make it my own.  

My passion lies in 'fixing things'.  If i see something in disrepair, whether it be a piece of furniture, a flowerbed, or an unorganized stack of files, I am compelled to make it into something better, or at least more functional.  I have always been this way.  My old room in my parent's house is the most painted, most re-arranged room in the house.  So, this blog will be at least partially dedicated to those things that I have "fixed" lately.

What this blog won't be:
I do not want this blog to give anyone the impression that I have a perfect life, or a perfect house, or a perfect family.  I have a tendency to spend tons of time hopping around to my favorite DIY/home design blogs, and then look at my own house and be disappointed with it.  Do you do this too?  Maybe it's clothing, fitness or cars for you.  It is just plain hard to be content in this country.  I am a selfish, hot-headed mess.  My house is usually a mess.  I am blessed with so many things, but I do not have it all together, and I really don't think I will this side of Heaven.

What this blog will be:
I will share what inspires me, what I'm working on, what I learn along the way.  I hope to inspire you, and make you feel like you could tackle a few of these projects yourself.  I will shamelessly plug businesses that I love and those that provide me with ideas and goods for my projects.  

So, here we go on another project!