Monday, July 14, 2014

It Has to Start Somewhere...

I love and also hate DIY shows for one specific reason- in an hour or less, something- maybe a kitchen, a whole house, or a backyard, is totally transformed.  Start with an ugly 1970's bathroom, half an hour later you have a bright, shiny, totally different room.  Ok, so the actual work doesn't really take 30 minutes, most of those shows take a whole weekend to film, right? 

Unfortunately, reality doesn't move quite that fast.  Bathroom makeovers do not usually take a weekend; believe me I've tried.  For those of us in the real world, with real jobs, and real chores, things take time.  

So, while I haven't finished anything that I can show you, we have gotten started on a few things this week that will eventually be great posts.  I am excited to get started on these project, and can't wait to be able to show some "after" pictures!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Potting Table- A brand new project (finally)!

It's finally time for a brand new project!  All of the posts so far were about projects that were already completed before this blog was started.  Now, we get to talk about a new one, start to finish!  Brace yourselves, because I actually remember what I did on this one...

I think this is an awesome project, although it is a little late in the season for it.  As you may have figured out by now, I love plants.  My spring days, or at least weekends, are usually spent gardening.  Up until now, I was using a ratty old metal/MDF desk as a potting table... ew.  I don't think I took a picture of it, but even if I did I would be too embarrassed to post it on the interwebs.  It really wasn't totally functional for many reasons, beside being hard on the eyes.  Ready to see the replacement??

Now THAT's ready for some gardening!