Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back to the Blog World

Hi Friends!

It's finally spriiiiiing!!  It feels like August in Pennsylvania right now, but I'll take it!  Spring is always a busy time for us, and I don't think we are alone.  As soon as winter starts to fade, I am back to having a million things to do, which is more how I like it anyway.  Especially when most of those things are outdoors.

I'll be catching you up to what we have been up to over the next couple of blog posts.  A lot of this is still in-progress, but I think there's enough of a difference to share.

To hit the highlights of the last couple months:

1. We had our tree taken down in the front yard!  This thing was an eyesore, and was dangerously close to the house.  

So, here's the before:

And here's the after:

I have plenty more planned for the front yard, so I'll keep you posted!

2. I took my PE test, which consumed my life all winter and early spring.  

3. We took a mini vacation to Florida. 

Here are a few hints to the things i have been working on lately, and will be sharing soon!

Curious?  I hope so! :)