Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Easy Scrap Wood Table

Hey all!  Today I'm sharing my second Kreg Jig project!

After we built our deck table, I noticed that we had a few boards of mahogany left over.  Rather than try to find a place to store it, I decided that I would use the scraps to build a small side table, and give myself some more practice with the Kreg Jig.  With the help of the jig, I think this project took about an hour, and since I made it out of scraps, I'm calling it free.  So this is what I came up with:

I made this in the same basic style as our larger table.  First, I made the top by cutting the pieces to length and drilling pocket holes:

The middle pieces are 15.5", and the ends are 21".  For my board's width (a little under 3"), this makes the table square.  I used hardwood floor spacers to set a gap between each board for water drainage.

Next I added the apron piece underneath with more pocket holes.  I did make sure that the skirt pieces extended onto my edge pieces so that they weren't just putting pressure on my joints:

Finally, I added the legs and some little bracing pieces like this:

Here's the top after a coat of teak oil:

And here it is all finished!

It's really that simple!  I think if I wasn't using scraps I would have used a skinnier board for the apron and thicker boards for the legs, but for a free table, it looks just fine.

Have a good week!