Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Am I the only one out there that can't wait for spring??  I'm doing everything in my power to rush it along- wearing bright colors, buying plant seeds, making lists for outdoor chores... yeah,  I know it doesn't make a difference, but it at least it brings my brain out of hibernation!

If you are looking for a few things to get spring moving, I have a few ideas for you!  These can be done even when spring isn't really showing yet outside.

First, bring a few branches in your house and encourage them to bloom.  I might be a little behind in showing you this one, but if the spring blooming bushes in your area haven't blossomed yet (like forsythia), you can cut a few branches and bring them inside.  They should bloom in a couple days.

You can see the bulbs in the foreground, that's another way to bring in some green- stick some daffodils in a vase and put water in them just to the bottom of the bulb.  These aren't moving as fast as the forsythia, but I think they'll come around.

Now for the really fun part.  I've been dreaming about what to put in my garden this year, and had an idea when I walked past these tiles in the home improvement store: 

And, since I had my garden on my mind, I thought, 'these would make great plant markers!'  So, here's what I did with them (excuse the fact that they're marking my houseplant... I only have so much influence over spring, haha):

So, here's what I did to make them:

Step 1: Paint the edges of the tiles.  The edges aren't meant to be seen, so they're a little ugly.  I dressed them up with some gold craft paint that was good on tile.

Step 2: Attach a stake to the back.  I used a cut up hanger and outdoor caulk to attach it.  There may be a better adhesive for the stake, like an epoxy, but I'll let you know how the caulk holds up.

Once that's dry, you just need to write your plant names!  I used a paint marker to do this.

Like the markers, but don't need them for a garden?  How about using them for place markers for a party table?  I would suggest using a washable or dry erase marker for this one, so that they can be reused:

Any other spring fans out there?  Anyone else have some fun projects to celebrate the season?  I might have a few more in me... stay tuned!

Hope you all have a good week!