Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Solution to a Tiny Garage

Hi Friends!

Ok, this post doesn't have any inspiring DIY projects, or great before and after photos, but it does have some practical, reality-of-not-living-in-a-mansion thoughts about how to make our house work for us.  Maybe a few of you out there can relate?

I may have mentioned before that our home has a small one car garage.   As in, pretty much fits the lawn mower and Christmas decorations, small.  I constantly find myself navigating the balance between my desire to not collect stuff that I don't need (i.e., lets not fill this house to the brim before we add kids to this situation!), and being able to organize and get to the stuff I need.  

I would show you a picture of what our garage looked like, but honestly, i can't shame myself that much on the internet.  Just know that it was full, and ugly.  I started thinking about the possibility of adding a shed to our backyard, mainly to house the lawn mower and other lawn tools, but hesitated because, well, sheds aren't exactly cheap.  One day I was walking through the neighborhood, and it dawned on me that all of our neighbors have similarly sized houses and we were the only ones without a shed.  So, a shed seemed much more justified, and necessary, once i realized that everyone else was in the same boat.

Our next decision was whether to buy or DIY.  I have explained my thought process with decisions like this before (like here), but basically it's a matter of whether we have the skill set to take on the project, and from there it's cost vs. time.  I felt like we have the skill set at this point to build a shed, maybe with a little help in a few critical areas.  However given my long list for the summer, and the fact that I wanted the shed to be in place sooner rather than later, we ultimately chose to buy the shed.  There is a place down the street which builds them, so delivery was easy, and their sheds are of good quality.  It did end up costing more, maybe 25% more than if we had built it ourselves?

Side note: working with an Amish outfit turned out to be a really entertaining way to go, and the amount of options for this shed were pretty impressive.  Sad to say we passed on the rooster cupola...

Friday was delivery day, and I was home to watch the action...

And here it is on its new pad in the backyard:

I at least got a start on moving things out of the garage/organizing (exciting only for me, I know):


Maybe once we get everything in, I'll do a post about what we were able to fit with the size shed we purchased... you know, if you can handle the excitement of another shed post!

If you don't have a shed builder within walking distance of your house (although I think the one near me delivered within 25 miles for free), I did see some kit options through the major home improvement stores that might be a good compromise between full DIY and having someone build for you.  You lose some customization options, but it seems fairly straightforward.

Also, if you are planning for a shed, make sure you check with your township for if/where one can be placed in your yard, and if the work requires a permit (ours did).  

Now that we have this shed, there's a chance i could park my car in the garage in the winter.... what a luxury! ;)

Have a great week out there!