Saturday, December 17, 2016

Kitchen Refresh

Working on my house is mostly fun for me, but I think the hardest part is knowing what to do when.  Like this typical train of thought:

This is probably not our "forever" home. 

So why bother doing more than regular maintenance? 

But it needs work. I could not pass the problems on to the next family.

Then why not make it better while I'm fixing?

This stuff stresses out my family (dog included).

Is my style what will sell a home in Lancaster County?

Am I going to finish making this house mine, just in time to move?

Does this cost too much?

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?  Well, that's the common theme in my head as I have been thinking about our kitchen. The counter tops are worn out. The cabinets aren't made well. The floor has gaps in between the crappy tiles and they are approximately the color of dirt. But to fix all of that will take tons of effort (and money!) that I can't give right now.