Monday, December 11, 2017

Easy Jewelry Hanger

This jewelry hanger is a simple, quick project that displays jewelry nicely and would make a great gift, too!

I have found that I do not wear tons of jewelry (great way to start a jewelry post, Amy), but what I do end up wearing most often are those pieces that just sit out on my dresser in plain sight.  Yes, they are out in the first place because they tend to by my favorites at the time, but also they are right there and visible and easy to grab.  So, rather than finding jewelry box space for everything, I decided to embrace it.

As I was single-handedly clearing out the Hearth and Home section of Target shopping for essential supplies the other week, I came across this small, nicely finished acacia wood cutting board that I decided would be great for my jewelry hanger.  This is the exact one, although in googling it I found that there is also this larger one that would work for those of you with more lovely jewelry to hang.  I have seen a lot of acacia wood lately, and I like it because it has a lot of color variation that lets it go well with many other wood species and colors.  I my case, I have a very dark dresser and this piece coordinates without being dark and heavy itself.  While I happen to like this cutting board, any piece of wood could work - it just needs enough space to hold whatever you are planning to hang on it, and enough thickness to accommodate your hooks.

Once you have your piece of wood finished the way you like, attach sawtooth picture frame hangers onto the back.  Use two for stability, and make sure that they are level.

Next comes the hooks on the front.  I used 1/2" brass teacup hooks, which I happened to have laying around, but you can find at a hardware store or Home Depot or Lowe's.  Think through how to lay out your hooks.  A few suggestions here:
- My rows of hooks are about 3 1/4" apart, and you can see how it's barely enough space for my larger earrings.  To have plenty of space for larger earrings, either leave at least 3 1/4" between your rows (even 3 1/2" might be better), or don't completely fill two rows with hooks.  See how my longest earrings in the pictures above are on the ends, where I didn't put hooks in the second row?
- You'll need to space the hooks far enough apart that you can twist each one in.  For 1/2" hooks, space them about 1/2" apart.
Next, pre-drill the holes, if for no other reason than to save your fingers!  Either by hand or with some pliers, twist each hook into place.  If you use pliers, I suggest putting something like a scrap piece of cloth or cardboard over the hooks so you don't scratch them, and be careful not to bend the hooks out of shape.

And that's it!  Hang it on your wall, and add the jewelry!