Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Quick Fix to a Boring Problem

Today's post is an up-cycle that I am very excited about, probably because I just did it this morning!  Which is why I'm spilling the beans up front:

New life to a seriously old crate

This one started with, what I would consider, a boring problem.  I needed a place to store towels in our second bathroom.  It's a tiny full bathroom, that we will mainly use as a mud room.  It's right off of the garage, and is perfect for rinsing the dirt off of us after some yard work without tracking it upstairs.  What we are definitely lacking in this room is storage space.  I think the whole room is about 4 feet square, so there isn't exactly room for any extra furniture.  So, there isn't much space to store small towels for just rinsing off.  I know, yawn, right?.

BUT, I think the fix is pretty cool.  I came across this at a local junk shop:

This is an old milk crate, complete with milk jug divider:

See it yet?

Since this was going to spend it's days in a bathroom, and let's face it, it's already well on it's way to rotting away, I coated the crate with Rustoleum's Never Wet, which is designed to waterproof just about anything.  I didn't photograph this part, but it is a two step clear spray (I think it also comes in a couple colors).  To be honest, I didn't actually spray it down with water to see if it worked... I'll try that on something less old...  The Never Wet was not visible once it dried, i.e. it did not discolor or add a sheen to the crate, which i liked.  I'll test this stuff out for real soon and report back to you!

Now, all that's left is to stuff the crate with towels!


And now the most exciting picture of them all, where we leave the good lighting behind, and put the crate in it's rightful place- the basement bathroom:

There you have it... my toilet... on the internet.

Bam!  Done!

Any creative storage solutions going on in your home?  Please share!