Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm Still Here!

Hi Everyone!

Just in case you have traveled over in the past couple weeks, only to find nothing going on over here, I wanted to assure you that I haven't forgotten about the blog!  If you know my job well, or have talked to me in the last couple weeks, you know that I have a busy season in the fall where I spend most of my time at work, which we call a refueling outage.  It's a neat time at work because I get to leave my desk a lot more than I usually do, but my home life tends to suffer a bit.  This year, the outage is particularly long, so posts may be somewhat scattered for the next month or two.

I have a nice long post coming soon about a big project that is finally finished(!), and a few already completed projects that I can write about, but believe me, the wheels are turning dreaming up new projects! (I can hear my hubby now: noooooooo!!)

Thanks for understanding!