Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some Green to Get Rid of the Winter Blues

Have I mentioned before that I hate winter?

We are definitely in the thick of my least favorite season, and I'm in need of some sunshine in my life!  Anybody with me?

I found this gem on Pinterest the other week, and have been craving green plants ever since.  I have plants in my house, but most of them aren't really doing anything exciting.  Even though my orchid has been working on a flower stem for a few months, it's slow going.

So, when I happened to find myself in Homegoods this weekend (am I the only one who runs out for something totally unrelated and just ends up there?), I happened to find a few terrariums!  I picked up some generic succulents from Home Depot and ran home with my green goodies.

Here's one terrarium that I picked up:

And here it is once I stuffed it full!

Doesn't it just look happy??

The other terrarium I bought is a little more like the picture I shared, but that one just has some decorations in it for now.  I want to fill it with something a little more special.

Also, remember that slow-growing orchid I mentioned?  The day I brought these home, he also opened his first blossom!  I guess he didn't want to be outdone! :)

Usually I think of orchids as delicate and beautiful, but this seems to have a ferocious side:


See?!  Doesn't it look a little monster-like?  Maybe it shares my hatred of winter?

Anyway, hope you all are finding little ways to brighten up your life in these dreary months too!

One last note- you'll probably notice that my posts will not feature any really large projects for a couple months.  I'm once again in a busy season of life, and so the projects I can take on right now are a little smaller (notice the large pile of textbooks in the background of the first picture...).  Believe me, I'll be back to heavy duty DIYing in late April.  Until then, I hope you will also enjoy some smaller ideas!