Sunday, March 15, 2015

Upcycled Lamps

It feels like a long time since the last post!  Sorry about that, I'm in full blown study mode for the next month, but once that's finished, we will be into the best season of the year, and I will be ready to jump into some new projects!

In the meantime, here's one that I finished about two years ago; an old set of lamps that I gave new life:

This really was a simple project- so much so that I didn't really think about sharing it.  That is, until this month's Better Homes and Gardens Magazine came in the mail, and had this on one of the pages:

Better Homes and Gardens, March 2015

Ok, could this lamp be more similar to mine?!  It's even the exact same lamp shade!  I guess I'm on the right track then, right?  Anyway, I thought this was just too funny, so I had to share.  

My two lamps are hand-me-downs from my parents, and I'm pretty sure they are older than me.  I think just about everyone either has some of these style lamps laying around, or at least could easily find them in a thrift shop.  You know that saying about if you hold on to something long enough it eventually comes back into style?  Well, I think these lamps are making a come back. 

Mine started out looking like this (or should I say after their first 30 years they looked like this):

I just sanded it lightly, and spray painted it the nice purple color you see above. I did tape off the actual socket piece and the end of the cord to avoid painting it.  

When buying a new shade, just make note of the shade support-thingy (yes, I always stick to technical terms!) so that you know which style to buy.  Some shades hook on right at the socket, while others have a hoop above the bulb like these.  In case it helps, here's what the new shade looks like when it's attached:

I think these lamps look nicest in bold colors, but pick what works for you!

Total Cost:
Lamps- free (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)
Shades- $25 each (according to BHG's article!)
Paint- $6

20 minutes + time to dry

How about you- any good finds in Mom and Dad's basement?  Hopefully all of this talk about the really old things in my parent's basement hasn't made my "old man" too grumpy... ;)

It was nice to surface from study land for a little bit, but it's back to the books for me...