Sunday, November 20, 2016

Keeping Herbs Year Round

Hey Everyone!

My full time job has kept me from finishing anything really significant around the house, but I did get a small project done:

Bringing some herbs inside to (hopefully) keep going over the winter.  Back in September, I saw this idea on Chris Loves Julia (a great blog), and straight copied from her.  It took me a little while to get everything hung up, which is why this isn't particularly timely, but the herbs seem to be doing ok so far!

It's hard to tell since I took this picture at night, but that corner of the dining room gets a lot of light, which will hopefully keep these plants happy.

And yes, I did just shove some lavender in one of the pots until I could buy basil... my basil cuttings didn't make it this time!  Anyway, you can visit the Chris Loves Julia blog for the link to the pots and to see them in her kitchen.  Please pin from there as well.  The only thing I'll mention about these pots in particular is that you have to be careful not to fill them with too much dirt, or water will pour out the little slots... not that i might be speaking from experience. :)

Yesterday was our major 'put everything away for the winter' day, so it's nice to balance that out with a little plant life around the house! 

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!