Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas 2016, Indoors

Hey Friends!

Hope you had a great, restful Thanksgiving weekend.  We were thankful for a little bit of time at home to relax, along with visiting with family.  Four day weekends are just awesome.

While I was prepping for Thanksgiving last week, I had one of those 'now or never' realizations with Christmas decorating, when I noticed that my calendar was full and if I didn't get it done now, it just wasn't going to be worth the hassle.  So, for once, I am going to have something up on the blog in a timely manner!

My theme lately has been trying to keep things simple, and to not overdo things where honestly, it just doesn't matter.  It's just too much stress to try to come up with something complicated and new, when simple and classic is just as good.  There was about a day or two in there where I was going to re-create this tree... didn't exactly fit the simple mold.  Besides, I'm just not much of a seasonal or holiday decorator to begin with.  Serial re-decorator, yes.  Valentine's Day?  Not so much.  

So, I decided that I would decorate with a simple color palate, and just use mostly what I already had around the house whether it was a "Christmas Decoration" or not.  For me, silver/mercury glass, gold and white were feeling pretty good.  I know there's a lot of blush/rose gold floating around this year, but that was a little too trendy for me.  I put this color scheme on my living room shelves and on the tree.  

Well, let's just get to some pictures, shall we?

Here's what our living room normally looks like (you know, as of the last time I rearranged it, haha):

And here's the Christmas version!

In case you are really observant, I didn't remove my TV for Christmas... it normally isn't there like in the "before" picture, but we don't have the antenna cable (yes, I have an antenna) run to the basement where it normally is, and so we brought it up to watch the Hokies play!  The TV replaces the sound system for two things in our house: the olympics, and the Hokies.

and some details:

(made with ribbon and printed text)

(air plant terrariums!)

(little marble tree is new, from Target)

(how fun is a rosemary topiary?!)

I didn't take a closeup, but the books on the shelves are wrapped in white/off white fabric scraps.  It's an easy way to get the color you need without buying new books.

There are stocking hangers on the bottom shelves, but our stockings didn't fit the color theme, so I haven't decided what to do yet.  

And here's another one because I forgot to turn on the little marquee monogram lights before (top left corner), complete with a Lucy Dog appearance:

I kind of like that it is a nod to Christmas, without it being so obvious (aside from the tree, I guess).   I even managed to stay under a 7ft tree this time (ask the hubby... usually they are scraping the ceiling)! I'm not ready to get rid of my red and green ornaments, but this was a fun change.

I haven't totally finished the outside decorations, and since i'm barely home during the daylight this time of year, those might be a bit slower.  You know, more like my usual, post it the day before Christmas self. :)

Any ideas that you are excited to try this Christmas?


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